Thursday, 8 November 2012

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Promasidor Director, KACHI In Sex Scandal – In Messy Affair With Ruke Amata’s wife Gilda

Kachi Onubogu

According to News of the people, Marketing Director of Promasidor, Kachi Onubogu is presently being fingered in an alleged scandal that is rocking the household of Nollywood producer Ruke Amata. As it was reported by a magazine, Kachi is allegedly having an illicit affair with Ruke’s wife Gilda. Although in a chat with Kachi, he denied discussing sex with Gilda whom he claimed is a family friend yet  the alleged  BB messages between Kachi and Gilda said to have been downloaded from Gilda’s phone speak volume of what could be going on between the two. Below are the excerpts of the chat:


Gilda: I told u we are friends, d wahala na loveside o
Kachi: Like massage him head when e dey eat. The foundation of love na friendship and remember say women sabi catch man if they mean am. So una get d right foundation and don’t stop praying say God go ignite passion oooo
Gilda: let me brutally honest with u! He doesn’t do anything for me emotionally; I don’t feel like having sex with just like that. I have to watch a blue film to be in the mood with him. Sad I know but it always been like that but I ignored it.
Kachi: E day go trust me e fit come back.
Gilda: Not complaining she becos I choose this so hv no one to blame
Kachi: their actually is nothing wrong to use a blue film or sex toy to excite u two what u should do is sometimes imagine the stuff in ur mind while u make out For women that’s easier for guys its harder cause if you don’t like you won’t get that stuff up. But if u work at it together u will get it back. I am good for now biko. Let’s leave things d way they are for now. Can’t force some stuff.
Kachi: Honestly every couple faces times like this and we often think it’s a lost cause but sometimes it isn’t
Gilda: There’s nothing to get back becos it was never there. From the beginning I was saddled with running the home and business and had no time to build romance into d mix and we really didn’t date for long so didn’t have time to know each other well.
Kachi: U know how strong willed you are when u want something?? U want that intimacy so go for it no give up. Never late to starturstill under 40
Gilda: Do u know something? I really am cool like dis o trust me. I don’t feel bad about it. My cross to bear.
Kachi: Ur not gilda u just think the best way to manage it is to pretend its fine. Trust me u will e cooler when u get d kinda love romance u want?
Gilda: He is actually a very self absorbed person who is never wrong and so for 8yrs I hv been d ne trying to make things work always mindful of his feelings that I probably spoilt him
Kachi: Yep maybe he is maybe he isn’t doesn’t matter u have been together 8yrs u have the rest of ur lives to make it work and by God and u two have so many year together that u can’t ot have romance in it no matter how small. He probably thinks d same of u (she is always right)
Gilda: He actually agrees with me on that o truth is if u knew me before I married u will know that we are not really suited but I am grateful we have a happy home for d kids. We don’t fight energy
Kachi: I know ur kinda person Fight even though we may go days without really talking. My kind person yes not me! my dearest best friend! Believe me when I tell u that we are ok. Don’t worry about me I will be fine. After all there is more to life than romance.
I just sent u d draft proposal. Pls review and send back as soon as possible.
Kachi: Ok o
Gilda: Pls did u get d stuff I sent yday?
Kachi: Not seen it which email did you send it to?
Gilda: Promasidor email! Do u have another one I can send it to?



Gilda: oh dear! Don’t u just have a way of putting a smile on my face (hug icon) it’s not my fault oo maybe I never taste d shagging way go blow my mind

Kachi: yes oo good shagging will confuse u
Gilda: Till then! Ka chineke mezie okwu Iseee
Kachi: GildaaaaaaaAaaa u need good…
Gilda: I totally agree with u! So where I go get am naaa
Kachi: E plenty d issue be say u get liver to…
Gilda: I day…since oo my mind never blow so I am almost convinced it would never happen for me (sad icon)
Kachi: U never….person like me. Trust me I satisfy
Gilda: So when we go ….na
Kachi: so you really wan….talk true
Gilda: yessss
Kachi: so I make u….well
Gilda: actually yes!
Kachi: If I… u, u no go fit return to oga cause it will be too good
Gilda: I will return to him but I want to ….u at every opportunity I get
Kachi: I know and me too I want to na where wahala go day
Gilda: I live very far away from u remember?
Gilda: if I …u I swear u go come back here
Gilda: lets …first and see
Kachi: …
Gilda: ….Never ever. I want you in my ….full big and strong
Kachi: I know u do
Gilda: So what do we do?
Kachi: …it is…that… we’ll well
Gilda: ?
Kachi: I say that’s what we should do. U need good ….
Gilda: I will … u when u come to London next month
Kachi: ?. Hnmmm hiw many times abi u go just move into d hotel way I go dey spread…
Gilda: come first naaa
Kachi: I wan know weder to buy extra burantashi incase u wan finish the amu
Gilda: I go buy all and every
Kachi: Dis madam u really need to be ….well
Gilda: (big smile) looking forward to it
Kachi: I wan 3some
Gilda: our first time should be just us
Kachi: so you will do a 3some?? Seriously with me? Which hot babe should we ass in d pack
Gilda: but I no want share u
Kachi: but if u …. Me no be sharing I day share u??
Gilda: we both allowed one share dat na oga and madam shaken
Kachi: okay u don spoil finish
Gilda: I nor spoil! I just want to ….u
Kachi: Na di my….u want??
Gilda: Yessss


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